Benten Cosplay Photo by Tomoko

Benten Cosplay Photo by Tomoko Coser, Benten is Owner of bar Benten Character from ZONE-00 anime, where all the city's creatures go to relax and unwind. He's a three-legged monster bird (Yatagarasu), and so beautiful he makes grown men miss the last train, and He can turn into a golden crow, and observes the city from the sky and supplies his brethren with valuable information-for a price. He's an old friend of Byakko, Murakumo, and Kiyoami, and is especially close to Murakumo. And by the way, he is a guy. Apparently he has siblings in Chichibu in the Saitama prefecture, i dont know about this anime but so many coser Cosing as him (i even not sure he is male of female lol) because all i see the Benten Cosplay photo always by girl coser, and i dont really like the drawing style in Zone-00 (thats not my type :P) but Benten always love to see Benten Cosplay.

Benten Cosplay Photo by Tomoko Gallery

Tomoko Cosplay Photo as Benten Character from Zone-00, i already post Tomoko cosplay photo before as One Piece character, i think this Benten Cosplay has many image effect and has been fully photoshoped (edited) thats good ^^ though i prefer natural cosplay photo than photoshoped cosplay photo, well i cant said Tomoko Look fits as benten (hard to compare real person with Benten Character ~ Coz the Drawing style of that anime XD) and beside that i dont know benten personality and characteristic, i love image effect on this Benten Cosplay and i think tomoko looks great with that cosplay costume, i got this Benten Cosplay Photo by Tomoko from her WorldCosplay Page ~~ well thats it, i dont i really want write something now, im so sleepy XD (just sleep 1hour lastnight) i cant control my finger to write something, so enjoy this Sweet Benten Cosplay photo by Sweet and hawt taiwan cosplayer Tomoko ^^.

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