Koyuki Cosplay Photo as Rapunzel

Koyuki Cosplay Photo as Rapunzel Character from Tangled, Rapunzel or Princess Rapunzel is the heroine of the Disney's 50th animated film Tangled, She is adapted from the original Rapunzel tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm. She is voiced by Mandy Moore and is the 10th princess in the Disney Princess franchise, Rapunzel is also Disney's first and so far only CGI Princess and the first official Disney Princess to appear in a PG-rated film, well actually i never like this kind of Disney's movie (i dont like disney princess) but when this Tangled movie come out, I had to watch it, because my girlfriend forced me to watch this movie XD that kinda lame, but well when i watch this and i think I like it lol, Tangled is the best Disney's Princess movie so far i know xD (cos that the only movie i ever watch lol), i like Rapunzel characteristic kinda wild and funny, but still pretty as a pricess.

Koyuki Cosplay Photo as Rapunzel Gallery

Well another Koyuki cosplay photo as Disnay Princess, i already post Koyuki cosplay photo as Tinkerbell character (can we catagorize Tinkerbell as a Pricess o.O" i think no xD well forget that), I love this Koyuki Cosplay as Rapunzel character, i think she has been manage to create very pretty Rapunzel in asian version :D, in this Koyuki Cosplay she looks more elegan with that dress though yea she not fit enough with Rapunzel character which i ever imagine (Rapunzel is german fairytail, and Koyuki has Oriental face ^^), however Koyuki looks very pretty with that long gold hair i think i fall in love with her once again XD, and her cosplay costume (that dress) has been made with high detailed (i think Rapunzel dress in Tangled looks more simple) beside that the background of this Koyuki cosplay can really represent rapunzel as a princess, well i love this Koyuki Cosplay as Rapunzel (she looks very pretty) and the photographer behind this cosplay photo is Kojima, i got this Koyuki Cosplay Photo as Rapunzel from Cosrain.com. 

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