NANA Cosplay Photo as C9 Character

NANA Cosplay Photo as C9 Character, Continent of the Ninth is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG with action packed gameplay. C9 has FPS style controls and a combo system similar to those found in console games. Enjoy the high end graphics and character customization Continent of the Ninth offers!, this game is my favorites game so far though its become bored when doing mission alone, Continent of the Ninth, also referred to as C9, is a free to play MMORPG with FPS style gameplay. The game has keyboard controls, and a combo system where players have to aim each attack. There’s no auto-attack or auto-aim system to fall back on. Besides having fast paced gameplay, Continent of the Ninth runs on a powerful new graphic engine that allows for high end visuals and a detail character customization process. Other interesting features include a combo system, a guild system with guild housing, and item upgrade features.

NANA Cosplay Photo as C9 Character Gallery

Well its Stunning NANA Cosplay as Continent of Ninth, in this NANA Cosplay she cosplaying as the 4th class from C9 games, personally i love assassin and reaperess class (that was coolest class ever xD) but when i saw this C9 cosplay by Nana i think i would love to play as witchblade too (i never know that Witchblade will looks so hot like this) reallity always better than a virtual one xD, she looks amazing on this cosplay photo (though its more look like CG artwork), she did great on everything her cosplay costume has been made with full detailed (and her sword looks like a real one :O awesome), and her makeup i dont know hows good her makeup but that made her looks so beautiful ^^, and her body posture :O i think we're all agreed she goot awesome body xD and her cosplay costume on this Nana Cosplay has been made that even more ummm...nvm, well i got this Nana Cosplay Photo as Witchblade from

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