One Piece Cosplay Photo by Deicn911

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Unknown Coser as Portgas D. Ace female version, another One Piece Cosplay photo as Portgas D. Ace, Portgas D. Ace cosplay by Kaname is my favorite Ace cosplay photo so far, he looks very fits as Ace character, but this time i got another version of Portgas D. Ace cosplay photo (and it's probably become my other favorites Portgas D. Ace cosplay photo -in girl version :D), i found this One Piece Cosplay photo yesterday from Satio Yuwa's facebook page, i love the Cosplayer face characteristic in this One Piece Cosplay she has cute, pretty face but also she looks fits as Ace characteristic and personality, her hair...thats good and seems natural, beside that in this One Piece Cosplay Photo she got nice hat ^^ and the cosplay costume has been made well too with some detail and complete accessories, except her necky (red) and belt seems different (though i think the costume maker has did big mistake :O -- i think Ace is not wearing a bra XD they should remove that lol). 

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Unknown Coser Gallery

Well i really wanna know whos the cosplayer name, Deicn911 has been made very pretty Portgas D. Ace ( "Pretty Ace" its look like Emporio Ivankov did well to change Ace's gender XD), like i said i got this One Piece Cosplay photo from facebook so sorry for not including the original source link of this One Piece Cosplay,  Portgas D. Ace born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist Ace" was the adopted older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo and son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and his lover Portgas D. Rouge (both deceased), Although they were not blood related, Ace looked remarkably like his foster brother, Luffy. However, Ace was more serious looking than Luffy's lighthearted design, and was also slightly taller and more muscular -wiki.

Thanks to Philidia for the information <~ i guess he know all cosplayer xD
The cosplayer name is Deicn911 at least that is her DeviantArt acc name, she is beautiful chinese coser (but she wanna become Handsome boy =.=') i also got her another cosplay photo, but i cant post that todays since is till not get her permission to post that (just sent her a note at this morning), you can visit her DeviantArt page to see her another gorgeous and adorable cosplay photo :D

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