Neneko Cosplay : Jubei Yagyu

This is Neneko Cosplay photo as Jubei Yagyu character from Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls, Jubei yagyu name is sound familiar for me, i think i already heard that name since i was a child (I think he is my ancestor xD) and from what i heard Yagyu Jubei is a guy not a girl, but we talking about Jubei Yagyu from japanese anime Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls and in this anime Yagyu Jubei is a sweet girls with awesome sword skill, and this time on this Neneko Cosplay she has made very pretty and cute Yagyu Jubei Character, though she not fits enough with Jubei Yagyu which i've ever imagine.

Neneko Cosplay : Jubei Yagyu Gallery

Neneko Cosplay Photo i dont remember i've post her cosplay photo before, i think this is my first time i post Neneko Cosplay, again i got another girl with katana like i said girls with sword/katana is wonderfull and deadly, i think they dont need Mero-mero ability (mero-mero is Boa Hancock's Devil Fruit) to make her male foes stuned and turned into stone ^^, well i love her cosplay costume on this Nenenko cosplay photo thats looks detailed and close with the real one, beside that her pose seems awesome (i love 1st and scond pictures xD) she looks pretty, though one of her katana is not real sword but thats enough to slash my hearth and fall to her xD, i got this Neneko Cosplay Photo from her facebook page, its sweet neneko cosplay photo, oh yea, stole almost whole MyAnimeGirls post =.=", Scraper blog >.<'

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