One Piece Cosplay by Coser Deicn911

One Piece Cosplay by Coser Deicn911 as one of my favorites character on One Piece anime series, she Cosplaying as Portgas D Ace character here, actually i already post one of them here before, and now i'll post the rest of Her One Piece Cosplay Photo as Portgas D Ace, i already fall in love with this One Piece Cosplay photo since i saw this photo at the first time, there is another Cosplayer too who cosplaying as Luffy but i dont know whos her name (sorry for not including her name here) they both look great on this One Piece Cosplay Photo though i think Luffy should looks more cheerful (but thats not a big matter :D) in this cosplay photo It looks like they're spending time together and they were seen enjoying the day, they go hunting octopus and on the way they met with a bear I think they also want to eat the bear (Luffy always eat everything xD) well poor octopus and bear ~I don't know that an octopus or squid.

One Piece Cosplay by Coser Deicn911 Gallery

Another One Piece Cosplay photo from Deicn911, in this Cosplay photo Deicn911 really look like real Ace character in Female version, she has made Ace looks very pretty but still looks fits with Ace characteristic and personality, its probably the best Ace cosplay photo ~female version i have ever seen, dont remember how many time i say that, but they both did big mistake on their cosplay costume, i think Ace not wearing a bra (Ace wore an open-front shirt until he received Whitebeard's tattoo, he stopped wearing anything over his upper body except when on winter islands) and Luffy cloth seems shorter than a Luffy's cloth in anime xD they need to fix that, well i got this sweet One Piece Cosplay Photo from Deicn911 DeviantArt page, go there to see her other cosplay photo :D.

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