Ichigo 100% Cosplay by Cool

I got another Ichigo 100% Cosplay Photo, this time the cosplayer behind this Ichigo 100% Cosplay photo is Cool (still not sure about her name XD) she cosplaying as cute and popular girl in that anime/manga series, her name is Nishino Tsukasa, she is cute and smart girl (i mean not that smart ^^" toujo aya still smarter) different with Toujo aya, Nishino look more cheerful and love enjoying her day by doing something fun, she got nice short blonde hair that really looks fits with her, i read this manga when i was at 2 grade high school XD ~ i love this anime since the first time i read this anime.

Ichigo 100% Cosplay by Cool Gallery

Well lets talk about how fits Cool as Nishino tsukasa, if there is 1 - 10 point, i think Cool got 9 point from me :D, in this Ichigo 100% Cosplay Photo she look so cute with that hairstyle and uniform and i really like the way she was walking down the street and everybody looking at her, she really seems to be the center of attention there ^^ and on the second picture of this Ichigo 100% Cosplay photo she holding a fake strawberry, and when i saw that strawberry I immediately thought of what she was wearing the same Strawberry p. as Nishino Tsukasa in anime!? XD~ lets forget about that, well i got this Ichigo100% Cosplay Photo by Cool from her WorldCosplay page, its sweet Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay Photo.

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