Ichigo 100% Cosplay by Misa

I have post Ichigo 100% Cosplay Photo by Misa as Toujo Aya character before, and now i got more of Ichigo 100% Cosplay photo by Misa, at the first picture Toujo Aya wearing thick glasses (in anime Toujo Look tacky with that thick glasses) but on this Ichigo 100% Cosplay photo, she still looks cute even though she wearing that glasses ^^ thanks to Misa to make that happened XD, i think Misa can't hide her cutieness, this Ichigo 100% cosplay by Misa probably the best Toujo Aya Cosplay for me, (well Kipi did great too when she cosplaying as Toujo Aya but i love this Misa Cosplay more ^^)

Ichigo 100% Cosplay by Misa Gallery

There is several thing that made me reallya love this Ichigo 100% Cosplay, first Misa look perfectly fits as Toujo aya in this Ichigo 100% Cosplay, she got cute face, same body posture with Toujo Aya and she look smart too, but the most i love from this Ichigo 100% Cosplay is her hair, i dont know why but her hair look so nice, that was look like Toujo Aya's real hair in the anime, well i hate Manaka Junpei now XD he's really lucky to get three girls who love him (i mean four with lil girl Yui ^^"), and in the last two Ichigo 100% Cosplay, Misa cosplaying as Yui, they all look very similar to the characters they playing, I think just Nishino who look different than I ever imagined, well i got this Misa Cosplay photo from her facebook page, its sweet Misa Cosplay Photo.

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