K-On Cosplay : Yui Hirasawa by Neneko

Well i was stunned when i see Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by Miya, and now i got another cute K-On Cosplay photo by Neneko, as always i think Neneko always manage to make the character she playing look more cuter than the original one ^^, on this K-On Cosplay she's not wearing yui hirasawa original costume i think she just wearing her casual cloth, but that a good point of this K-On Cosplay photo, i think not everyday we can see Yui Hirasawa wearing that cute pink cloth like this K-On Cosplay photo ^^.

K-On Cosplay : Yui Hirasawa by Neneko Gallery

There is something different on this K-On Cosplay photo, usually Neneko always pay attention to the background set on every her cosplay photo (most of them take a place outdoor), but this time this K-On Cosplay photo was taken in the bathroom, well i got this K-On Cosplay photo by Neneko from Cosrain.com.

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