Naruto Cosplay Photo : Sage Naruto

Deicn911 is my favorites cross dresser :D, she always looks great as male character but she looks awesome when she cosplaying as Female character ^^, its second time i post her cosplay photo as Naruto Character, you can find her previous Naruto Cosplay photo here, she cosplaying as little naruto from naruto season 1, but now she cosing as Naruto from Naruto Shippuden series :D, on this Naruto Cosplay photo she cosplaying as Naruto in sage mode and on the second Naruto Cosplay photo its look like she is ready to kick someone ass with her 3 tail xD, although the coser behind this Naruto Cosplay photo is a sweet girls (Deicn911) but its probably one of the best Naruto Cosplay photo i have ever seen.

Naruto Cosplay Photo : Sage Naruto  Gallery

Well as always Deicn911 always impress me with every her cosplay photo, she look too mature as Naruto character on her previous Naruto Cosplay photo but this time she looks very fits as Naruto Character, her body posture seem like a real naruto (though, I knew he was manipulating it XD), i love all of this Naruto Cosplay photo, Deicn911 has manage to create very cool and handsome naruto (or pretty naruto XD) she still look pretty even with naruto costume, well i got this Naruto Cosplay photo by Deicn911 from her worldCosplay page, and again Deicn911 makes me very curious how she can hide her big breast >.<", she really good on that part ^^", well this is awesome Naruto Cosplay photo by awesome girls Deicn911.

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