Another Steins;Gate Cosplay : Feris Nyannyan

More Steins;Gate Cosplay photography, this time the cosplayer behind this Steins;Gate Cosplay photo is Japanese Cosplay girls her name is Yohka, she cosplaying as Feris Nyannyan character from the series (her real Name is Rumiho Akiha) Feris works at the maid cafe "Mayqueen Nyannyan" she is the most popular waitress there, her being the one suggested it become the mecca of moe and anime (More Steins;gate Cosplay Photography).

Another Steins;gate Cosplay : Feris Nyannyan Gallery

Feris tends to add meow (ニャン nyan?) to her sentences. Her character is 17 years old (well that cute to hear girl with their unique senteces like Feris (nyan) or Mayuri) well on this Steins;gate Cosplay photo Yohka seem fits enough as Feris Nyannyan, though i think she got little different body posture with Feris, even so i love hows Yohka enjoying her role as Feris and posing like a real feris ^^ about her cosplay costume, no doubht she got nice cosplay costume that look like a real Mayqueen Nyannyan maid costume in anime, though i think need more twister on her hair :D, well i got this Steins;gate Cosplay photo from Yohka's worldCosplay.

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