Best One Piece Cosplay : Hot Crocodile(F)

Its kinda hard to say it, but i really in love with crocodile now, through this One Piece Cosplay Picture once again Ivankov show us she/he managed to change someone's gender XD (In this One Piece Cosplay A great Shichibukai (former) Crocodile has turn into hot and smexy girls), Deicn911 has change my preseption about how scary Crocodile if i meet Crocodile in real Lol, previous Deicn911 Cosplay as Crocodile.

Best One Piece Cosplay : Hot Crocodile(F) Gallery

And again four thumbs up for Deicn911 to make Crocodile look great even in girl version (actually i wanna give five thumbs up if i have more thumbs XD), i really love her expression on this One Piece Cosplay photography, she has beautiful eyes but still have a fierce look, and i do love how she handle her Cigar she look very enjoying it (just like a real crocodile) though i think she need bigger cigar :D, i love her costume (cloth) and i love her hair too, well i love everything on this One Piece Cosplay photo, i got this Crocodile Cosplay from Deicn911's blog. sweet One Piece Cosplay photo by Deicn911.

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