Death Note Cosplay by Kurumi Red

Today i got another Death Note Cosplay photo, the cosplayer behind this Misa Amane Cosplay is taiwan coser, her name is Kurumi Red, not like Misa Amane on anime i think Kurumi red on this Death Note Cosplay she was made Misa look more inocent, calm and plain, well thats different with Misa Amane personality in the anime/manga but i like how kurumi red manage to show another version of Misa Amane here.

Death Note Cosplay by Kurumi Red Gallery

Thats Misa Amane Cosplay Costume on this Death Note Cosplay photo look less detailed and different from misa amane cloth in anime, not sure why but i think her costume look different from misa amane because Kurumi Red got different body posture with Misa Amane in anime and I think she needs a little tidying her clothes ^^ (because in some picture her dress looks very wrinkled ^^") well i got this Death Note Cosplay by Kurumi Red from her worldCosplay page. If i were Light Yagami i won't lets Misa Amane wasting her life like on Death Note Anime.

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