Beautiful Mai Shiranui Cosplay Photography

i was looking for something on internet but ended up with searching for King of Fighter Mugen version, when i searcing that i found this Beautiful Mai Shiranui Cosplay photography, i can't found any information about this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photography, whos the coser behind this cosplay photo neither whos the photographer behind this beautiful Mai Shiranui Cosplay photography.

Beautiful Mai Shiranui Cosplay Photography Gallery

I don't know what you think about this cosplay photo but i really love it, most of Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo always focused on Mai's boobs or her smexy appearance :D but this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photography shows the beauty of Mai Shiranui, she really don't need to show erotic side of Mai Shiranui, she look perfect here, i think the photographer give a big contribution to make this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photography amazing and alive, but sadly i really don't know whos the cosplayer name and i just found one picture, I hope one of you can provide information about who the cosplayer in this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo or share the link to her other photo. 

-its sweet Mai Shiranui Cosplay by Unknown coser-

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