Diao Chan Cosplay by Deicn911

Its Diao Chan Cosplay by one of my favorites cosplayer Deicn911, actually this character exist in many Dynasty warrior series but this time is Diao Chan Cosplay from Shingoku Musou 5, wait whether Sengoku Musou and Dynasty Warrior are the same game? i play Diao chan in dinasty Warrior XD i think Sengoku Musou is same game as Dynasty Warrior but with japanese theme and heroes, well i don't really care from what game Diao Chan is, whereever Diao chan came from, only that she looks very pretty and graceful in this Diao Chan Cosplay photography by Deicn911.

Diao Chan Cosplay by Deicn911 Gallery

I won't forgot about this Cosplayer, Deicn911 probably one of the best cosplayer ever (at least for me) she always bring amazing cosplay that make the character she cosing alive, i never imagine that Portgas D. Ace will look so pretty in girl form or hows Crocodile look so hot in girl from till i saw her cosplay photo :D (its not about she look good  as guy character but its about hows she can make the character alive), i heard that Deicn911 learn how to dance (chinese traditional dance) just for this Diao Chan Cosplay, I guess it was worth it :D, i got this Diao Chan Cosplay from Deicn911's DeviantArt page, its sweet Diao Chan Cosplay photography by Deicn911.

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