Midori Kanda Cosplay as Villetta Nu

Want to know how slim midori kanda is!? :D lets check this Midori Kanda Cosplay Photography as Villetta Nu from Code Geass anime (Here is Midori Kanda...i mean Villetta Nu if she become my wife :D), i have posted so many Midori Kanda Cosplay photography in this myanimegirls blog, for some reason she has a unique beauty that makes me love it, I think its like a different beauty than most japanese girls ^^" that's what i thought about her XD and that my reason why i always love Midori Kanda Cosplay photography.

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Villetta Nu Gallery

Well lets back to how slim she is :D i think the Villetta Nu Cosplay costume make Midori Kanda look very slim, in most Midori Kanda Cosplay photo her body posture never get my attention but this time her slim body got my attention, well beside she look very slim here she also got very nice hair, with that hair style she look ready for dangerous action maybe she can join Lara Croft to solve some mistery :D well its sweet Midori Kanda Cosplay photo and by the way i don't really like her pose on the last picture ^^" i got this Midori Kanda Cosplay photo from ummm forgot. sorry XD maybe from midoricosplayer.

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