Misa Cosplay Photography as Haruhi Suzumiya

After i posted Misa Cosplay photography as Haruhi Suzumiya with Bunny cosplay costume (+guitar) now i got Misa Cosplay with haruhi's original costume, school uniform with haruhi suzumiya's yellow hairband, no lies she look very cute with that cosplay costume in this cosplay photo but she lost her hawtnes in previous Misa Cosplay photography ^^.

Misa Cosplay Photography as Haruhi Suzumiya Gallery

In this Misa Cosplay photography she just look like the original Haruhi Suzumiya character with belue and white dominant color on her cosplay costume, actually i love this Misa Cosplay photography though i prefer her previous cosplay photography with her awesome hot bunny cosplay costume ^^, when my friend saw my Misa's cosplay photo collection she said i'm phedo XD (Misa is not underage Lol) she's mature enough for adult stuff, well i love this Haruhi suzumiya cosplay photo as i love all misa's cosplay, i got this cosplay photo from misa's facebook fanspage, love it.

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