Misa Cosplay Photography as Stocking

Its Misa Cosplay as Duo Angel Sister from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt anime, Panty and Stocking, most of Panty and Stocking (especially panty) always look hot even in some Panty Cosplay her pose always look bit provocative ^^ but in this Misa Cosplay photography i think panty's image changed 90 degrees :D no smexy body, no hot costume and no provocative pose ^^ its just cute version of Panty and Stocking, check previous Misa Cosplay photography Here.

Misa Cosplay Photography as Stocking Gallery

Well nothing much i wanna say about this Misa Cosplay photography, Misa just look perfect and cute as always, i just wanna say, Panty and stocking look like a real sister here (they really enjoying time together :D), and about whos the cosplayer behind that panty's cosplay...i don't know her name :/, i think she's same cosplayer on this Ritsu Cosplay, i got this Misa Cosplay photography from her facebook Fanspage, i have no plan to post this Misa Cosplay photography today but since Philidia's blog post in french i think i'll need google translate XD, well for you who can speak french, check this blog http://cosplayslovers.blogspot.com/ if you have time.

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