Spirited Away Cosplay : Chichiro Haku

Awesome Cosplay photo of the main character from Spirited Away Anime, there is two cosplayer in this Spirited Away Cosplay Photography but this is really suck, I have no idea what their names, well its really hard to find good Spirited Aways Cosplay photography and this is probably one of the best Spirited Away Cosplay photo ever, although there is a website name in the picture ^^" but i'am oke with that.

Spirited Away Cosplay : Chichiro Haku Gallery

What i want to say about this Spirited Away Cosplay photography is, its perfect! look at Chichiro she look like a real chichiro in the anime (she got same body posture and love her expression too :D) about haku...she look bit different with Haku character that existing in my imagination, i think that because the coser like a girl (or she's a girl ^^) well they got a perfect cosplay costume in this Spirited Away Cosplay photo, and the most i love from this Spirited Away Cosplay photo is the vintage effect that can represent spirited away story set, beside that they look very close for real. well i got this cosplay photography from DInodirect, previous Spirited Away Cosplay.

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