Miiko Cosplay as Inugami Mikoto

Today i got more Miiko Cosplay Photography, in her previous cosplay photography she cosing as inga character from UN-Go Anime (never watch that), and this time Miiko Cosplay as character from Inu X Boku SS anime (never watch this too XD) the character name is Inugami Mikoto not sure that character is male or female, but i love how Miiko enjoying her role in this Miiko Cosplay Photography.

Miiko Cosplay as Inugami Mikoto Gallery

Miiko is cute and hot cosplayer and many of Miiko Cosplay photo alway show her magic with the nice shot angle ^^ well Miiko just wearing original costume and that just look like an ordinary kimono/yukata or whatever...never know difference between yukata,kimono/male,female =.=" (i know that suck), i don't know what you think about this Miiko Cosplay Photography, but when i saw this i have dirty imagination about Miiko and thats super big sosis XD (thats a sosis right!?) i should stop watching weirdo Japanese AV Lol, well i got this Miiko Cosplay Photography from cosrain. 

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