Cute Kipi Cosplay Photography as Mine Riko

Cute Kipi Cosplay Photography as Mine Riko Gallery

Kipi Cosplay Photography as Riko Mine character from Aria the Scarlet Ammo, i never watch this anime nor read the manga version but i still like this character because of this Kipi Cosplay, i don't know much about this anime ^^ so i'll ask wiki to explain this (wiki time) Riko Mine Lupin the 4th is a female student of Butei High school, She usually puts on a facade of stupidity, but some times, usually during tough situations, she breaks the facade. Kinji calls this side of her personality "Dark Riko". thats its :D, well many people call Kipi as Queen of moe (well i think i understand why she got that tittle XD) kipi always look very fits as Moe Character and always manage to make that character alive, thats why Kipi is one of my favorites coser :D, well i got this Kipi Cosplay from cosrain, its cute Kipi Cosplay Photography as Riko Mine.

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