Maid Cosplay Photography by Kipi

Maid Cosplay Photography by Kipi Gallery

well this time Kipi Cosplay as Original character, that mean she cosplaying as unAnime character, on this Kipi Cosplay photography she wearing a cute Maid Cosplay Costume when i saw Maid Cosplay costume (like on this Kipi Cosplay Photography) that always remind me to the anime tittled working ^^, Kipi is one of the most famous cosplayer and she is the first overseas coser that i know from internet, she got kawaii face and body posture that make her always look fits with anime character (beside that she is Japanese ^^), so she is perfect cosplayer for the cute anime character, well i got this Kipi Cosplay Photography from cosrain, its sweet and cute cosplay photography by Kipi. another Cute Maid Cosplay Photography.

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