Rinami Cosplay Photography (Original Character)

Rinami Cosplay Photography (original Character Gallery

I got another Rinami Cosplay Photography, you can find previous Rinami Cosplay Photography on here, this time its little different with previous Rinami Cosplay Photography as Mikazuki Yozora because on this cosplay photography she's not cosplaying as the character from anime, well since this is Original character so i dont know what this character name ^^, i think we're all don't really care what character is this, because Rinami look so pretty, umm...blouse, long black hair, short skirt and sitting in the table near board, well lets asumme she is a sweet teacher ^^" its would be awesome if i got such as pretty as Rinami, well i got this Rinami Cosplay Photography from cosrain, its sweet Rinami Cospay as Original character.

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