Aira Cosplay Photography as Sakine Mieko

Aira Cosplay Photography as Sakine Mieko Gallery

I got another Aira Cosplay photo as one of Vocaloid Character, yea this time she cosing as Sakine Mieko, Meiko Sakine (Sakine Meiko) is an officially recognized derivative of Meiko. Her name of Sakine literally means "Blooming Sound" and has the same pronunciation as "Preceding Sound", though Aira has made very pretty Sakine Mieko but i prefer Kipi Cosing as this character, i think Aira has made Sakine Mieko in different image, on this Aira Cosplay she looks too mature as Sakine Mieko, well i think thats not a big matter since Aira has made better version of Sakine Mieko (i love that), one more thing i like from this Aira Cosplay is her pose on the third picture she looks like real Sakine Mieko in there, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photography from Cosrain, its sweet Aira Cosplay

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