Kipi Cosplay Photography as Hikari Konohana

Kipi Cosplay Photography as Hikari Konohana Gallery

Kipi Cosplay Photography as Hikari Konohana Character from Strawberry Panic Anime series, Strawberry Panic! is a series of Japanese fictional illustrated short stories written by Sakurako Kimino, which focus on a group of teenage girls attending three affiliated all-girl schools on Astraea Hill, and later has been adapted into manga, light novel and Anime, and in this Kipi Cosplay Photography Kipi Cosplaying as Attending Spica character Hikari Konohana, Hikari is transfer student and arive at spica at the second year, She is A rather shy and quiet girl most of the time, Hikari tends to not be very outspoken and it usually takes a lot for her to say what is really on her mind. Much like Nagisa Aoi, well I love Kipi Cosplay on this photography Kipi seem very fit as Hikari though i think Kipi seem not fit with Hikari's personality ^^ (kipi seem very friendly and cheerful), this Kipi Cosplay Photography seem very neat and like always Kipi has nice hair ^^, i got this Kipi Cosplay Photography from, its sweet Kipi Cosplay Photography as Hikari Konohana

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