Saya Cosplay Photography as Maid

Saya Cosplay Photography as Maid Gallery

Saya Cosplay Photography as Maid character, i dont know from what anime this cosplay is, but Saya looks sweet with that maid cosplay costume, she looks very pretty as always, in this Saya Cosplay photography the photograph background seems take a place in the library, that photograph looks dominate with brown color from wood on the bookscase that seem contrast with white color on Saya maid cosplay costume, but the black and white color on the cosplay costume looks match well with the background color and the light intensity, well i alreays love to see Saya cosplay photography, i got this Saya Cosplay photography as Maid from, saya looks different on this Saya Cosplay costume, i dont know why, but she looks very pretty with that maid cosplay costume, its sweet Saya Cosplay photography.

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