Akatsuki Cosplay by Unknown Cosplayer

There is two member of Akatsuki Cosplay photo here, Pain and Konan or we can say Nagato and Konan, Nagato use his power to control Yahiko's body to acting as Pain Akatsuki, actually i did't like Naruto anymore since there is noone actually dead in naruto Anime, Everybody can back to life with some special jutsu (=,=" that too awesome).

Well This Akatsuki Cosplay photo is one of the best Pain and Konan Cosplay photo so far, i really like pain expression and Konan's paper flower in her hair, i think the angle shot also make this Akatsuki Cosplay photo looks great, but too bad i really don't know whos the Cosplayer name behind this Akatsuki Cosplay photography. 

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