Chizuru Yukimura Cosplay Hakuouki by Pipi

When I saw this Chizuru Yukimura Cosplay photo by pipi, its remind me to the main character of the most popular anime in my country (long time ago :D) KenshinHimura, I don’t know what relation between them umm…maybe chizuru is Kenshin’s sister ^^” well i don’t know how fits Pipi as Chizuru but its indeed a lovely Chizuru Yukimura Cosplay photo.

The cosplayer behind this Chizuru Yukimura Cosplay photo is Pipi, yea you can find her previous cosplay (posted on this blog) from this link, I guess she didn’t wear a wig because her hair seems too natural for a wig, there is two cosplayer too but I really don’t get a clue about who they are. I think this photo was taken in park or something like that, the yellow light looks really nice (just like a candle light for romantic couple).

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