Eren Jaeger Cosplay by AZA

Another Singeki No Kyojin Cosplay by AZA, although AZA cosplaying as Eren Jaeger (male character) but she'll never can hide her cuteness, i never imagine that Eren Jaeger Cosplay photo will be this cute, and i think i am in love with male character once again =,=" i really love to see this Eren Jaeger Cosplay by Aza (over and over again) but i hate it when i remember Eren is a male.

Eren Jaeger is the main character of Singeki No Kyojin, his average fighting skill can't be compared to Mikasa but his  titan power is the key to reveal the secret of Titan, Aza looks great in this Eren Jaeger Cosplay photo although she will looks more fits and cuter as Christa Renz (i gonna post her Christa cosplay next time). I got this Eren Jaeger Cosplay by Aza from her worldCosplay page. and i love it. 

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