Erza Scarlet Cosplay by Shiva Aure

Yesterday I found a very cool Erza Cosplay by Shiva Aure, finally I desire again to post Erza Scarlet Cosplay, Shiva is not an Asian girl, so don't force me to say "she is very similar to the Erza" because I've already imagined Erza has a japanese face ^^. 

However, a dark background which affected the soft light coming from outside, Shiny Katana exposed to the light, beautiful scarlet hair with ponytail and a calm gaze, making this Erza Scarlet Cosplay looks very impressive, and really possess the characteristics of Erza Scarlet character. I really liked it.

You can see the original picture of this cosplay above, it before touched by "The Magic of Photo Editors" she does already look beautiful, but with a little touch of photo editor she is ready to blossom into Erza Scarlet. 

Shiva's Dev Page :

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