Futurama Leela Cosplay of Wonder Festival

Actually i'm sure it wasn't Futurama Leela Cosplay from Futurama television series, Leela has purple hair and looks more mature, and the Cute Girl in the picture looks too cute like anime character (although she's only have one eye XD), but because they both have an eye, so for a while I'll call her Futurama Leela.

This Futurama Leela Cosplay photo taken at Wonder Festival, a festival that is large enough to attract cosplayers to show off, we could see some of the famous characters caught on camera behind Leela, I was really curious about the real name of this character, I'm sure she's from anime, so do not be shy to tell me the name of this karater and the cosplayer behind it if you know, please give your comment below ^^. 

and what do you do if this one-eyed cute girl confessed her love to you? she's cute, right? I bet you can not resist her XD.

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