Hanji Zoe Cosplay by Lilian Stark

A Strange girls titan enthusiast Hanji Zoe Cosplay photo by China cosplayer Lilian Stark (maybe she's Tony Stark Sister ^^), on this Hanji Zoe Cosplay photo she looks more calm than her personality in Shingeki No Kyojin Anime that always over excited when she saw Titan, Hanji Zoe is member of Racoon Corp and she really love to study and do Experiment about titan, i think we can call her as "Titan's fans".

Just wondering what books she reading on this Hanji Zoe Cosplay photo but from it tittle i think that books is something like her Note and the result of her study about titan, i want to warn you if you Meet Hanji, DON't EVER ASK HER ABOUT HER TITAN STUDY or else you will wasted one or two day of your lifetime useless!.  well although Lilian Stark seems too childish as Hanji but i really love hows she enjoying her role as Hanji Zoe. i got this Hanji Zoe Cosplay photo by Lilian Stark from her WorldCosplay page.

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