Miku Izayoi Cosplay by Tang yuan

A beautiful Miku Izayoi Cosplay photo, of the main spirits from Date a Live anime, her first appearance she was introduced as a student of Rindoji Girls' Academy, And she also known as a very famous and popular idol singer, she is shown to have a strong distaste of men to extent that merely taking to them will lower her impression of them.

Miku Izayoi has violet hair and eyes, and she is always seen with a yellow flower-shaped hair clip in her hair, Well the cosplayer behind this Miku Izayoi Cosplay photo is Tang Yuan, she looks almost perfect as Miku Izayoi and as Idol singer (i think her appearance qualified for that ^^). although Yuan seems not fits enough as Miku in my mind but shes manage to create very beautiful Miku Izayoi Cosplay

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