Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Kohane

Its been a while I post Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo, you can see latest Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo here, and this time the coser behind this cosplay photo is a Japanese girl, her name is Kohane, I found some of her Sheryl Nome Cosplay but for now I’ll post two of her work.

On the first cosplay photo Sheryl Nome wearing a cheongsam, a Chinese traditional dress, I think she look sweet enough with that cheongsam, but I really love the second Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo (not because her cloth) on the second photo Kohane look more similar to Sheryl Nome characteristic beside that her pink hair look more natural than on the first photo, well I got this Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Kohane Cosplay from her WorldCosplay page,. Sweet Cosplay.

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