Suwako Moriya Cosplay by Cyan XIE

Beautifull Suwako Moriya Cosplay by Cyan XIe, Suwako Moriya is one of female character from The Touhou Project, she is the extra boss of Mountain of Faith and true goddess of the Moriya Shrine, we can call her as god of earth since her abillities is to create earth, beside that her other ability is to summon curse gods (Mishaguji). 

Cyan XIE did great on this Suwako Moriya Cosplay photo, the green color looks really fits with Suwako's pesonality and about her Suwako Moriya Cosplay costume, i think Suwako Moriya Wears a short simple purplish-blue dress with a frog print design, but Cyan XIE costume seems too purple ^^ i did't see blue color in her cosplay costume, but overall everything looks great.

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