Vampire Knight Cosplay by Unknown Coser

I never watch Vampire Knight Anime, but i have read book 1 of Vampire Knight manga ^^ so i don't know every name of the character on this Vampire Knight Cosplay photo, but i think we can see four Night Class and three day class here, and they all look cool on their uniform, I only know few character Yuki Cross, Kaname Kuran, and Zero Kiryu.

The most i like from this Vampire Knight Cosplay photo is Yuki Cross Cosplay photo, not just because she looks fits as Yuki Cross (i don't even remember hows yukis looks like XD) but i like her because she's the only female Cosplayer in there :D and she also looks sweet on this Vampire Knight Cosplay photo. well, let me know if you know something about the cosplayer behind this Vampire Knight cosplay photo.

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