Awesome Cammy Cosplay by Crystal Graziano

You must be familiar with this game character, yea ... this is Cammy Cosplay, female fighter from the very popular fighting game, Street Fighter, according to a survey by me, 99 out of 100 people have played this game or at least know the game!, (but don't believe me, I'm just kidding).


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In this Awesome Cammy Cosplay, Crystal Graziano has managed to turn the character alive in the real world, it's even hard to distinguish between the Ani with real Cammy in the game. she's pretty, has blond hair, funky red Berret, awesome body posture and a very skimpy clothes...what else needed to look like her? she's perfect. in this Awesome Cammy Cosplay there are also cosplay from Dalshim character, but I forgot his name, but certainly he is Crystal Graziano's friends.

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