Berserk Cosplay Photo GUT

Other cool Game Cosplay of Gut, as far as I know this is a berserk character in the game called Gut, for players who love the great damage this karater is very fit with their play style, when saw i saw this Berserk Cosplay for the first time, I think this is a 3D image and after seeing it carefully, now I'm sure this is Berserk Cosplay photo by someone.

The Cosplayer has managed to turn the berserk character alive in the real world, take a look at the prop he used, it has been made ​​with great detailed in all parts it even looks very real, I want to know from what he's made his armor because it is very similar to the iron, which looks like a real iron armor, and that a very big heavy sword, plus the Cosplayers body makes this Berserk Cosplay image so cool and too bad if you missed.

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