Cool Portgase D Ace Cosplay by Kaname

This is one of the best Portgas D Ace cosplay I've ever seen, Ace is one of the protagonist character in the One Piece anime series (he is my favorite character) he eat Mera Mera no Mi that makes his body made from flame, but unfortunately he was caught by World Goverment when when he was defeated by Black Beard (Tech), the worst thing is he died while protecting Luffy from Akainu.

I think the Cosplayer on this Cool Portgase D Ace Cosplay picture is Kaname (not too sure), he looks so cool with that pose and his hair, he looks like a real Ace, not too much muscle! i think Portgase D Ace is supposed to look like that, right?

Cosplayer : Kaname
Character : Portgase D Ace
Tittle : One Piece Anime

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