Final Fantasy Cosplay Photo 01

One of the most fits Final Fantasy Cosplay Photo to the real character, don't ask me what the name of this character, actually I've been familiar with this character but I never knew her name, which obviously this is one of the female characters in Final Fantasy. when trying to figure out the name of this character, my Internet speed down, very annoying even though only for browsing.

the only reason I'm posting it on this myanimegirls.blogspot is because this Final Fantasy Cosplay picture looks very cool and very similar to the real character (at least to me), I like her face, her hair braid, gloves, her google, well I love everything from this Final Fantasy Cosplay, she is simply looks perfect as the character she cosplaying, it would be cool if you could tell me the name of the character as well as the name of the cosplayer, so I can give proper credit to the Cosplayer.

Update : character name is Rikku from Final Fantasy X, X-2.
thanks to 少灃梅 who has told me the the character name :)

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