Million Arthur Game Cosplay by Tasha

This is Million Arthur Game Cosplay by one of my favorites SPCats Cosplayer girl, Tasha, Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur is a card battle game depeloved by Square-Enix, the game is quite popular among  battle card game lovers especially asia, a lot of my friends have play this gmae but I have not tried it yet, The game has only been released in Japan, initially on iOS. It was released on Android shortly after.

                                Tasha WorldCosplay

Now let's talk about cosplay, Tasha always makes impressive cosplay with cosplay costume that looks very similar to the original, with high detailed on every part, coupled with her beautiful face and nice body posture make her Cosplay picture always looks perfect. i got this Million Arthur Game Cosplay by Tasha from her worldcosplay page.

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