Nanobana Kinako Cosplay by Ramu

In the first picture Ramu reminded me to Saya (T.T), she looks very much like a Saya. Nanobana kinako is a character from the anime series and the game titled Inazuma Eleven (not winning eleven :D) as we see in this Nanobana Kinako Cosplay by Ramu, She has long, milky brown, silky, straight hair and brown eyes, She also has fair skin tone.

Nanobana very cheerful, She seems to be very positive and sunny most of the time. She is also quite kind and a little bit Childish, in this Nanobana Kinako Cosplay Ramu much more suitable as Nanobana adult version but since she wears orange hairband I think this is a kids version of Nanobana, When she's an adult, her hair grows a little longer and She does not wear any headband but instead it is tied up into a ponytail.

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