Perfect Cana Alberona Cosplay

This one is Perfect Cana Alberona Cosplay photo, shiny black hair, which hung wavy look very natural and very similar to Cana hair, I'm sure it's not a wig, tall slim body that makes her look exactly like Cana's in my mind (except for the melon part), and Somehow I felt she was equally strong drinkers too, this is a live version of the Cana Alberona.

Too bad I only found one picture, and I don't know who the cosplayer behind this Perfect Cana Alberona Cosplay, my long journey for two days on internet to find out whos the cosplayer name, ending in vain i found nothing, I think she's not a Cosplayer she looks very similar to sebernarnya cana but actually I'm not sure she's cosplaying as her. well, if you know something about this Cosplay photo please comment below, i hope i can find out who's the cosplayer name and give a proper credit to her.

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