Stunning FireFall Online Cosplay by Crystal

More Cosplay photo by my favorite game cosplayer Crystal Graziano, she is always doing  impressive game cosplay with super detailed cosplay costume, and this time she cosing as mourningstar of FireFall online, I don't think I need to explain again how cool her costume, because I'm sure we have the same thoughts about how cool her Cosplay Costume on this Stunning Fire Fall Cosplay photo.

                               Crystal Graziano Facebook

And her partner who wears a costume that looks very heavy is cosing as Typhon character from Firefall Online, I think he is a tankers class (or something like that), there is one funny comment of this Stunning Fire Fall Cosplay on Crystal Graziano's facebook, How does he go to the toilet? I think his costume is equipped with a toilet as well ^^, you also would have liked her previous Fire Fall Cosplay image.

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