Akatsuki Cosplay Photo on Vacation

Who doesn't know with this group of criminals Ninja, Akatsuki moves behind the shadows gather the strength to destroy and create a new world in Naruto Anime, Member of Akatsuki is a powerful ninja with unique abilities who betrayed their country for their own purpose and tried to capture all the Jinchuriki to take their power.

Looks like Akatsuki's malignant impression no visible in this Akatsuki Cosplay picture, I think after their efforts thwarted by Naruto and friend, they want to calm down and take a future world vacation, they look very happy to walk around with a bus while enjoying the city. This Akatsuki Cosplay Pictures show us different side of the Akatsuki.

sadly I do not know the Cosplayer name in this Akatsuki Cosplay picture, just let me know if you know something about them.

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