Aoi Yamada Cosplay by Yun Kousaka

This Spoiled girl and works as a Waitress in "Wagnaria Restaurant" is Aoi Yamada, Self proclaimed as 16 year old with purplish black hair her first appeared in episode 7 of Working!!! anime series, because Aoi Yamada don't have a place to stay she live in the attic of Wagnaria (she likes to steal food to eat XD).

Yun Kousaka is the cosplayer behind this Aoi Yamada Cosplay picture, two words, she's sweet and perfect with Aoi Yamada innocent nature, seem Wagnaria's employees were eating together, we also can see Inami, Takanashi, Kozue, Izumi cosplay but I don't know all the cosplayers name in the Aoi Yamada Cosplay picture. they are all cool! ~.

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