Cute Ranka Lee Cosplay by Izumi

The owner of a cute green hair is Ranka Lee, she was one of the main female character in the anime Macross Frontier, she also known as "Super-Dimension Cinderella" Ranka is a petite, lively and cheerful teenage girl with green hair, and she have her hair move on its own according to her feelings, its cool! (green and moving --- seaweed xD).

                                Izumi's DeviantArt

This is a live version of "Super-Dimension Cinderella" this is Ranka Lee Cosplay by Izumi Lee, Cute face, Lively, cheerful look and have a nice green hair, plus the red Ceongsam, I think Izumi Lee look perfect in this Ranka Lee Cosplay pictures. She also looks adorable in this Sheryl Nome Cosplay Picture, you should see it.

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