Jessie Team Rocket Cosplay by Hiko

This is Jessie Team Rocket Cosplay my favorite villain of the Pokemon Anime series, they are criminals who always fail from POKEMON Anime, sometimes they do look almost managed to steal Pokemon but it always ends with failure and explosion of Pikachu's Electrical Shock Wave. PIKACHUUUUU ~ ~ BOMMM ~ ~ lol -fly to the moon XD-.

                                Hiko's WorldCosplay

This is very pretty Jessie Team Rocket Cosplay, my question it really possible to have hair like Jessie in real life!? xD it looks very heavy isn't it? I think Hiko also suffered when she use Jessie's hair. though her hair look a bit weird .. but this is the most Beautiful Jessie Team Rocket Cosplay I've ever seen, and Sunset background makes everything looks even more awesome.

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