Junko Enishima Cosplay : Dangan Ronpa

Not satisfied with Junko Enishima Cosplay that I posted earlier?! now we can see another Junko Enishima Cosplay, she is a very sweet model but loves to see others in despair, I prefer to call her "Sweet psychopath" however Junko Enishima is my favorite female character in Dangan Ronpa game and anime.

This time I don't know the Cosplayer name behind this Junko Enishima Cosplay picture, I just love how short her skirt was (just kidding XD), in the first picture it really Dangan Ronpa scene animation style, and in the second picture she looks more like a normal girl, I think she does look like that in the real world, beside that the Cosplayer is super kawaii too, anyone know who is she?

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