Kawaii Nymph Cosplay by Izumi Lee

One of the best Kawaii Nymph Cosplay pictures I've ever seen, after rewatch this anime lastnight that make me want to post Nymph cosplay on this blog, Nymph is cute angeloid character of the Sora no Otoshimono Anime series, at her first appearance she has a haughty nature and consider human merely an insect , but in the end she also fell in love with perverted Tomoki (i hate that lucky guy xD).

                                                 Izumi's DeviantArt

I recommend you to watch this anime when I watched it I could not even stop laughing in every episode. Izumi Lee is perfect as Nymph character her cute face looks exactly like Nymph character, maybe she'll look more cuter if she put sullen face. You also have to look at this Kawaii Nymph Cosplay picture.

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